About Dr. Espaillat


  • Board Certified Psychiatrist

  • Residency Training in Psychiatry at                             University of Pennsylvania & University of Miami

  • Chief Resident at University of Miami

  • Temple University School of Medicine Graduate


Specialty Areas

Professional Associations

  • Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association

  • Perinatal Mental Health Society

  • Postpartum Support International

Dr. Espaillat is Board Certified in Psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.  She specializes in the evidence based treatment of anxiety, mood, and mental health disorders.  Extensively trained in psychopharmacology and psychotherapy, she offers a comprehensive, individualized approach tailored to her patients' individual needs. 

Dr. Espaillat's expertise in the emotional experiences of women through the

various phases of life makes her especially helpful to women facing these challenges.

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