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Why See a Women's Mental Health Specialist?

You are not alone,

you are not to blame,

with help you will be well.

~ Postpartum Support International

Last year alone, it's estimated that nearly 30,000 women in Pennsylvania experienced a Postpartum Mood and/or Anxiety Disorder.  Yes, you read that right, 30,000 women!  They're facing stress levels like never before, and the majority do not have access to a mental health professional trained in understanding the nuances of treatment during the postpartum period.


An even higher percentage of women experience significant difficulty during the perimenopausal period of life, with suffering lasting 4-8 years on average.  These women often feel misunderstood or find their symptoms minimized by others who may tell them it's "normal." 

Both of these life seasons also bring major changes in social roles for women, which adds yet another complex dimension to women's health. 

Dr. Espaillat's unique training, experience, and understanding of Reproductive Psychiatry allow her to provide you with optimum treatment and support.

Contact Dr. Espaillat today to get started on your journey to wellness.


For additional resources and support, connect with Postpartum Support International or The North American Menopause Society


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